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Erika Lieberman (Founder, Composer, Sound Designer) -- Erika came up with the idea for Sonic Legends when a friend was complaining about not being able to find the perfect background music for a game he was running. Erika has a masters degree in Music Technology from New York University, and has composed music for film and television, as well as worked as a music director and musician for various Shakespearean theatre companies and renaissance festivals. She plays a variety of instruments, but is primarily a Celtic harpist, and plays regularly with her Early Music trio, Sweet Amaryllis. Her favorite games are White Wolf's Changeling and Vampire, and she also still loves a good ol' fashioned game of DnD.
Christy Carew (Composer) -- Christy Carew is a composer for film, television, multimedia and the concert world based in Burbank, CA. Her favorite RPG is KushielMux, based in Jacqueline Carey's world of Terre D'Ange. Check out Christy's film music at www.christycarew.com.
Mike Trapp (Composer) -- Mike Trapp, a.k.a. Mike E.T., a.k.a. The Alien, a.k.a. Captain Freak is a "serious musician." He attended Mannes College of Music in Manhattan and graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston. For those 4 years he focused exclusively on practicing and writing music. After graduation he played in some heavy progressive chops bands in N.Y.C. and L.A. such as Danse Macabre, DreamSpeak, The Fringe and Dreamer. He later became a hired gun, becoming the 2nd guitarist in Eddie Ojeda's (Twisted Sister) band. He bought his own crappy studio and recorded "The Furious Guitar" demo which was featured in a Guitar Player's magazine piece. He continues to write music and is thrilled to be re-visiting his D&D days by delving into this project. For more information about Mike, visit: www.miketrapp.com.
Jonn Ollsin (Composer) -- Jonn Ollsin is a musician and composer living in Brooklyn, NY. He plays in the heavy metal band children, and the mellow band called family band. He spends the rest of his time composing soundscapes that generate feelings of other worldliness. He played RPG as a youth, but now is interested in fantasy and science fiction themes in music and movies. He makes music for films, animations, video games, and websites. For more information about Jonn, visit: www.jonnollsin.com.
Joe Matzzie (Composer, Sound Designer) -- Joe Matzzie has been involved with music his entire life. He has worked as Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Editor, Producer, Teacher, Engraver, Band Leader, Audio Engineer, and Radio DJ. His compositions have been featured in Film, TV, Internet, Radio and Theater. A native of Pittsburgh, Matzzie has been studying and composing music for two decades. Matzzie is a graduate of the Film Scoring Department at Berklee College of Music, and also holds a degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Duquesne University.He currently works and lives in Los Angeles where he is actively involved with assisting various prominent video game, film and TV composers. For more information visit: http://joematzzie.com.
Mike Worth(Composer, Sound Designer) -- Mike Worth is an Emmy-award winning composer and orchestrator, who writes and orchestrates music for television animation and video games. Mike has written original music for feature films such as Rush Hour 3, and Ivory. In television, Mike has written music for MTV, VH-1, and Comedy Central, and has received an Emmy award for orchestrations and MIDI orchestrations for Nickelodeon's The Wonder Pets. Mike's video game credits include music for the upcoming sci-fi MMO, Divergence: Online, sound design for the XNA title Fittest, and music and sound effects for the iPhone game, Lock N' Roll. An avid gamer, Mike's faves are D&D (1st & 3rd edition, RIFTS, and Shadowrun. You can find out more about Mike's music at www.mikeworthmusic.com and www.gamemusicinc.com".
Matthew Steckler(Composer, Sound Designer) -- woodwind player, composer, singer and educator, founded jazz collective Dead Cat Bounce in 1997, and with 3 recordings (Innova - American Composers Forum), 2 international commissions (Chamber Music America, Meet the Composer) and touring (major jazz festivals nationwide) the group has achieved critical and popular acclaim. In 2006, Matthew released his first solo CD effort of originals, Persiflage, featuring Michael Cain, Lonnie Plaxico, Pheeroan Aklaff and Curtis Fowlkes. His other music includes work for the theatre, film, orchestra and smaller ensembles and electronics, as well as freelance work in popular music styles both internationally and stateside. Matthew is a co-founder of the artist-run collective SWIPE (Sound Writers in Performative Emergence), and is also currently pursuing his composition doctorate at NYU while teaching music through the Children's Aid Society. You can find out more about Matthew's work at www.mattsteckler.com.
Alex Kovacs(Composer, Sound Designer) -- Alex Kovacs began his musical training at age 5, taking piano lessons and studying classical harmony and composition. Two years later, having developed a passion for jazz, he also began studying saxophone and clarinet. Alex entered Berklee College of Music with a scholarship and began his studies in Film Scoring. While at Berklee he honed his composition and performance skills, scoring two independent films, performing on numerous albums and for the independent feature Haunt, and at many notable venues on the East and West coasts. Along with two other classmates and with the help of faculty, Alex laid the groundwork for a multimedia-composing curriculum (primarily for video games), which has since come to fruition. In addition, he was awarded a second merit scholarship and he received a film-scoring award for excellence. Alex has arranged for the highly acclaimed New York City Greenwich Village Singers and participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival. He currently is composer for S3 Music and Sound, continues to score independent shorts and features, and works on the hit CBS television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and for composer John M. Keane You can find out more about Alex's work at http://alexkovacsmusic.com/.
John Cullen(Foley artist, all-around Sound guy) -- John is the mastermind behind Helix Technologies, a core group of Audio, Video, and Stagecraft professionals who pride themselves on their dedication to quality and performance. For more information about John and Helix Technologies please visit www.helixtechnologies.net.
Will Thrasher(Consultant, "Cthulu Ambassador") -- William Thrasher first encountered the Cthulhu Mythos while driving through New Mexico with his family in 1996. Since then he has graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design and gone on to write for the hobby games industry. A long-time LARP organizer, William has contributed to Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition, authored the scenario book Sight Unseen, and reports on the gaming scene as the Lexington Game Examiner. William shares a duplex in Nicholasville Kentucky with an ill-mannered cat named Mr. Graves.